En , il devient codirigeant du label Shitkatapult mené par T. Raumschmiere aka Marco Haas à Berlin. Ils signeront notamment Phon. Il sort son premier album Multifunktionsebene en

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You know where to find it… As usual, please share if you like! Here are the liner notes by director Elisa Mishto: "People think that film directors are impenetrable egomaniacs with a taste for giving orders. And indeed that is probably true to some degree. But most of us are also hopelessly soft inside. When we work, we need kind words, sympathetic glances and motherly hugs.

And if we have given up being liked by everybody — especially on the business side — we need even more love from everybody else. That means producers, actors, directors of photography, costume designers, editors, composers and so on.

They are the ones that take our ideas, with their blurred edges and vaporous texture, and help us make them alive and real. To make things even more complicated, that group of creative people has to work together.

They have to forget their own personal needs, sensitivities and egos to start thinking as a tight bunch, or even better as an organism that sees, feels and smells in unison.

When I first started working with Sascha on the soundtrack for Stay Still, nobody had doubts that he was capable of great music, but I asked myself how much he would fit and truly be a part of the group. After all, he is used to being the leader, the one that shows the way and sets the tone.

But as a film composer, he would have to put himself behind the movie and not in front. To my surprise or maybe not , from the moment Sascha was on board and started the work, he immediately blended in and shone at the same time. He and Philipp treated people with respect, listened and effortlessly gave input, helping us shape the movie and make it better. He was kind, generous and selfless— not only with me as the director— but with everybody else as well, from the assistant of the assistant to the film producer.

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Apparat (musicien)