Le métissage n'a jamais pris un sens aussi fort que lorsqu'on aborde la petite histoire de Gnawa Diffusion. Biographie: Les membres du groupe sont issus de différents horizons, un peu plus loin au large de la Méditerranée. Rap, ragga, reggae, jazz, raï, on trouve de tout chez Gnawa Diffusion. S'ils ont été islamisés, ils n'en ont pas moins gardé leur croyance dans leurs dieux africains.

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Résumés Abstract Gnawa Diffusion was a successful musical group of first- and second-generation North African immigrants that achieved significant fame in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe during the last two decades. Based in France, though from Algeria, their politicized egalitarian message reached the world. Their musical skills, instrumentation, tastes and appeal to youth sounds, sentiments and meanings gave their globalized music a prominent place on the global stage.

In their work Gnawa Diffusion addressed a panoply of political issues and sought to represent and reach their audience. Their greatest popularity came at the height and conclusion of the Algerian civil war. Through a selective sketch of the various musical consequences of the North African slave trade, the spread of Islam, the colonization of North Africa and the immigration of Algerians to France, we can begin to comprehend how these histories combined and harmonized through Gnawa Diffusion to form the new musical forms of a generation of people who seek to overcome their often divisive cultural heritage.

In this case, the intent of the music challenges common notions of authenticity and thereby affirms it. Leur message politisé et égalitaire a atteint le monde entier. Dans son travail, Gnawa Diffusion soulève une panoplie de questions politiques et cherche à représenter son public. Sa popularité a atteint des sommets au plus fort de la guerre civile algérienne. Parties annexes Parties annexes References Baldassarre, Antonio. Ottawa: The Institute of Mediaeval Music: 81—


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