Copier le lien Article réservé aux abonnés Rue de Birague, au coin de la place des Vosges, un soir. Un vent fripon et frisquet retourne les jupes des dames et mord les oreilles des passants. Et pourtant, souriant et décontracté, Guy Marchand alias Nestor Burma arrive au volant de sa vieille décapotable, freine brusquement, observe la rue puis descend pour disparaître dans l'ombre d'un porche. Guy Marchand sourit, serre des mains, signe les papiers qu'on lui tend, embrasse la petite et obéit à la maquilleuse. Le Monde? Le cinéma?

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Malet was heavily influenced by Chandler, Hammett, et al, and Burma's appearance ushered in a whole new era in French detective fiction. But Burma is more than just Marlowe in a beret.

A former anarchist, with roots in radical politics, Nestor lives a precarious existence in a time and a place that few have dared to touch -- namely, occupied France, and the years just after.

Nestor is the owner and sole operator of the Fiat Lux Detective Agency in Paris, in a France very much under the thumb of the Nazis and the Vichy regime. And Marlowe thought Bay City was bad? The only other employee at Fiat Lux is Nestor's long-suffering, starry-eyed secretary, Hélène, who's got it bad for the boss. Other supporting characters include Zavatter, an allegedly-reformed burglar, who sometimes helps out Burma; Police Commissioner Faroux, who begrudgingly admits Burma's a pretty decent detective and Faroux's assistant, Inspector Fabre, who doesn't trust Burma any farther than he can throw him.

Burma appeared in almost thirty novels, including an interesting series within a series called "les Nouveaux Mysteres de Paris," comprising fifteen novels, each one devoted to a Paris district. Nestor's popularity and influence have gone far beyond the original novels. There have been at least three films and, in the nineties, a television series.

The show ran for from untl somewhere around , which ought to indicate how well-thought of the character is in France. More recently, legendary French comics artist Jacques Tardi alone and with fellow cartoonist Emmanuel Moynot has begun adapting the novels into some very well done graphic novels, and has even occasionally written some original Burma stories.

Some of Tardi's adaptations have been translated into English -- they're worth tracking down. And if your French isn't up to snuff, in the nineties, Britain's Pan began releasing English translations of several of the books in the nineties.

Again, they're worth tracking down. One of the most influential detective writers in France, Léo Malet was born in and lived a rather colourful life. Like Burma, he was a reformed left-wing idealist and anarchist. He was a published poet, a chansonnier in nightclubs in Montmartre, a reporter for a number of radical papers, and a member of the notorious Surrealist Group from to His first detective novel, , Rue de la Gare, which introduced Burma, was published in and by , he had won France's prestigious Grand Prix de Littérature Policière.

The Burma series is one of to the longer running private eye series, with twenty-nine books and several short stories spanning almost fifty years. Somehow, Malet under the pseudonym of Frank Harding also found the time to create another French character, reporter Johnny Metal , who often acted like a PI.

When Malet passed away in , his beloved character Nestor Burma was honored by a French stamp. This time, though, I could really enjoy La nuit de Saint-Germain-des-Prés , directed by Bob Swain and based on the novel of the same title. Michel Galabru plays Burma, and although his tempo and pacing isn't quite suited to the Burma of the novels, strangely enough, this movie is very close to the ambiance and universe of Malet's novels so that, even with the main character not well rendered, the director managed to recreate something of value.

I've rarely experienced such a thing, but I must admit I finally liked this film. Anyway, it's miles above the scam that was another Burma movie: Nestor Burma: détective de choc made by Jean-Luc Miesh. And a total shame. Michel Serrault portrayal of Burma is grotesque and out of proportion, misplaced and childish compared to the original character. Just avoid this movie. It was allegedly based on the novel M'as-tu vu en cadavre?

The third movie, based on the first Burma novel, is: rue de la gare I've never seen it saw only a few sequences from it so I cannot comment. I've heard that complete copies or copies in fair state of conservation are rare to find. Which explains probably why I could never see it.

There was also a long series of Burma's films made for French television, starting in , with Guy Marchand as Burma. It is slightly modernized, but the quality fluctuated dramiatically. Many of the episodes range from merely average to just plain bad, but there are some exceptions.

The best are from the season where shots of Paris were utilized as background for the opening credits. Buy the English translation Nestor Burma contre C. Buy the English translation L'homme au sang bleu Nestor Burma et le monstre La cinquieme procede English translation "Mission to Marseilles" Buy the English translation Coliques de plomb Gros plan du macchabee Les patelots sans manches Le soleil nait derriere le Louvre English translation "Sunrise Behind the Louvre" Buy the English translation M'as-tu vu en cadavre?


Nestor Burma

Voir le casting complet de la saison 5 Les épisodes de la saison 5 S05E01 - Sortie des artistes Serge Lepage, 23 ans, étudiant dans un cours d'art dramatique, charge Nestor Burma de retrouver Karine, sa petite amie, également apprentie comédienne, disparue depuis quelques jours. Nestor Burma accepte cette enquête avec enthousiasme car il a toujours aimé le milieu des comédiens, milieu où les espoirs les plus fous côtoient les réalités les plus féroces. Quelques jours plus tard, Karine est retrouvée assassinée dans des circonstances atroces. Dès lors, la brigade criminelle, représentée par Fabre et Faroux, entre en action. Burma mène des investigations parallèles qui vont le mener sur la piste de trois jeunes suspectes, apprenties comédiennes elles aussi, qui rêvent d'occuper un jour le haut de l'affiche S05E02 - Nestor Burma se brûle les ailes Paul Dumézil, pilote de ligne, est abattu dans le bar d'un aéroport. Assassin présumé, l'inspecteur Fabre doit affronter ses collègues de l'IGS! Le commissaire Faroux demande à Nestor Burma de mener une enquête parallèle et discrète sur Dumézil, le plus vieil ennemi de Nestor.


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